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True Privacy? Touch ID & Biometric Fingerprint Readers

November 17, 2014


By Darius Wood Biometric Fingerprint readers like those found on the new iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 have become major selling point in terms of protecting privacy, but they may be providing a false sense of security. It has already been show that these fingerprint readers are imperfect and are capable of being hacked. […]

Pleasure Reading?

November 13, 2014


by Meghan Starr If you’re thinking about what to do over the break, have you considered reading? No, seriously.  Think about finding and reading a book FOR FUN! In this month’s ABA Journal, Bryan A. Garner talks about a common problem for lawyers (and law students) – losing the ability to enjoy a good book.  […]

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving: Law School Style

November 7, 2014


by Murtaza Khwaja Woohoo! So you’ve pretty much gotten done with another (or, for 1Ls, your first) semester of law school! Now just for acing those final exams. Before you get there though, here are some tips for making the most of your time and for enjoying a delicious and (relatively) nutritious Thanksgiving dinner! First, […]

On Your Radar

October 30, 2014


By Nirvi Shah Here are a few suggestions of some of the things that should be on your radar as exams and winter break draw near. For the scared 1Ls: Yes, your first exam period in law school is intimidating. Fortunately, everyone else in your class feels exactly the same way.   Here are my personal […]

Free Online Georgia Legal Resources

October 21, 2014


  By Mark Stuckey I know that no one here at the College of Law wants to believe it, but there will come a time when you need legal resources and not have (free) access to the panaceas that are Westlaw Next, Lexis Advance, or even Bloomberg Law. But fear not, I am going to […]

Don’t Worry Be Happy

October 10, 2014


by Murtaza Khwaja As fall strikes Atlanta, with cool winds blowing away the long summer days and bringing us a cornucopia of pumpkin flavored everything, from our coffees to tree leaves, students in the law school may be feeling trapped, overwhelmed, overworked, or a variety of these and a dozen or so other emotions. Well, […]

Domestic Violence Policies in Professional Sports

September 30, 2014


By Darius Woods For years, two of the countries largest professional sporting organizations, the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB), have taken an individual case-by-case based approach to handling domestic violence incidents and allegations. On the other hand, the National Basketball Association (NBA) can impose a minimum 10-game suspension as well as mandatory […]


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