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Job Hunting?

September 18, 2014


by Meghan Starr If you are thinking about life after law school or preparing for a summer job, check out the Law Library’s new display on interviewing (just past the reference desk).   The Librarians have pulled together some great books on perfecting your resume and interviewing skills, as well as information on non-traditional career paths […]

Law Library’s Collections

September 15, 2014


By Mark Stuckey You may be like me and view the Law Library as merely a sensory deprivation chamber, to drown out the distractions of the outside world, so you can get at least some of the school work done that you should have been doing for the last 5 weeks. However, the Law Library […]

Educational Flashback: School House Rock

September 2, 2014


By Darius Wood This Sunday, September 7th at 7 p.m. ABC will air a special where they attempt to rank and determine the best School House Rock song of all-time. School House Rock is educational musical series that aired from 1973 to 1985 on ABC. The series covered a variety of topics including science, history, […]

Law-Themed Vacation Ideas: Mixing Business with Pleasure

July 15, 2014


By Ryan Kerr Here at GSU College of Law, students are getting ready for a break before Fall Semester begins.  Some of us are lucky enough to get away and visit family or even take trip that has no purpose other than to relax.  For those burned-out law students and lawyers out there, taking a […]

Survival Guide: College of Law Library

July 10, 2014


By Darius Wood Behind the trepid 80’s décor lies a modern two-floor library that holds a variety of legal, professional, and general resources.  On reserve you can find everything from headphones to course textbooks for every course currently taught. A few key items are: Earplugs Projector Kits The Bluebook Dry Erase Markers Flash Cards (Torts, […]

10 “1L” GSU Law Library Resources

June 23, 2014


by: Darlene Childers For newly admitted law students, the summer before classes begin can be overwhelming with questions regarding books, schedules, professors, etc… So, if you are looking for a few introductory resources to answer “What should I expect my 1L year?”, the GSU Law Library is a great place to start: One L 1L […]

Avoiding Jury Duty Has Costs

June 17, 2014


When Tina Keller asked her boyfriend to complete and return her jury summons form, she didn’t expect his responses would lead to a citation for contempt.  But when he submitted the form, filled with “intentionally disrespectful” responses, they both found themselves in court answering to a judge.  While most people probably wouldn’t answer their call for jury duty with […]


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