The United States Law Week

There have been many major legal developments in the United States over the past several weeks. The Supreme Court has issued several landmark opinions in regards to healthcare, marriage, housing, and congressional redistricting. In addition, the U.S. Congress has debated and passed notable pieces of legislation related to trade authority and national security. Moreover, several executive agencies have issued notices, proposed rules, and final regulations regarding topics such as contracting with inverted corporations and overtime pay.

The United States Law Week, published by Bloomberg BNA, is an excellent source for keeping up with key legal developments. This weekly publication provides news and analysis, Supreme Court docket summaries, and several other useful tools for staying abreast of recent legal news. One well known feature of this resource is its “Circuit Splits” table, which provides a monthly summary of splits between the federal courts on significant legal issues. Circuit splits is excellent way to forecast which issues may find their way in front of the Supreme Court of the United States.

You can access the United States Law Week online through Bloomberg BNA (GSU Campus ID and Password Required) or through Bloomberg Law (Username and Password Required).

Views From the New Library

The new Law Library is a hopping place these days, as librarians, staff, and the building/move team are working to get the space ready for you. It’s a far stretch from our old home in the Urban Life building, and we thought you’d like to see just a few of the new features.

View from a study room

Would you like to book a study room?

picture of stairs

Stairs! Stairs leading into the library!

Study Aids and the Reference collection

The new home for Study Aids and the Reference collection

empty shelves

Shelves just waiting for books

picture of periodicals

Getting the collection back on the shelves

Looking back into the 5th floor from the outdoor terrace

Looking back into the 5th floor from the outdoor terrace

An overhead look at the cafe space (below), the reading room (upper right corner) and 5th floor outdoor terrace (left side)

An overhead look at the cafe space (below), the reading room (upper right corner) and 5th floor outdoor terrace (left side)

Inside the formal Reading Room on the 6th floor

Inside the formal Reading Room on the 6th floor

From the 6th floor Reading Room

From the 6th floor Reading Room

the 6th floor outdoor terrace

The 6th floor outdoor terrace

Updated library hours and access to databases

View from the 5th floor Terrace

Because of continuing construction in the library as well as the move of the College of Law servers this weekend, the Law Library will have temporarily shortened hours.

The library will be open:
Thursday, June 25, 2015 7am-6pm
Friday, June 26, 2015 8am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday, June 27-28, 2015 10am-6pm
Monday-Thursday, June 28-July 2, 2015 8am-6pm
Friday-Saturday, July 3-4, 2015 Closed
Sunday, July 5, 2015 10am-6pm

Because of the server move, all Law Library databases will be unavailable from 4pm on Friday, June 26, 2015 through Sunday, June 28, 2015.

As a reminder, only current College of Law students are allowed in the building to use study aids, reserves, or get research assistance. Students will need to show their ID and sign in at the Security Desk and proceed immediately to the Circulation Desk on the Fifth Floor. Library personnel will retrieve materials, as available, and direct students to an area of the library where they can study. Students needing research assistance can also use the red Chat Reference button in the upper left corner of the Law Library’s home page.

At this time, the computer lab, printers, copiers and scanners are not available. We will continue to update you as construction progresses and more resources become available.  In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek (above) at the view from the 5th floor terrace. If you have any questions please contact Associate Dean Niedringhaus at or 404-413-9140.


Summer School Access & Assistance

The law library faculty and staff have completed their move over to the new building, but most of the library collection is still in transit, and large portions of the new law library are still under construction. Therefore, for the time being, only students enrolled in summer classes and students needing assistance with summer research assignments will have limited access to the law library.

Study Aids and Reserve Items

To utilize the study aids and the reserve collection, students must show their Panther ID and sign in at the security desk at building’s entrance. Students must then take the elevator directly to the 5th floor, and proceed to the main service desk for assistance.

Reference Assistance

Students needing reference assistance can contact the reference librarians by chat reference, email, phone, or in person. Of the four, chat reference is by far the best method to communicate with us during this transition period.

To access chat reference, students should click on the chat reference tab, located on the left side of the Law Library’s homepage:

Chat Reference Arrow
Once you click on the red tab, a chat box will pop out from the side of the screen.
Chat Reference


While the Circulation and Reference phones are currently inoperable, you can contact the librarians directly using their office phone numbers or their email addresses. This information is provided on the Law Library’s Directory webpage.

We encourage students needing in-person reference assistance to contact us ahead of time by chat or email. To access the law library for reference assistance, students must show their Panther ID and sign in at the security desk at building’s entrance. Students must then take the elevator directly to the 5th floor, and proceed to the main service desk for assistance.

Printing, Scanning, and Computer Access

The printers, KIC scanners, and computers are currently inoperable, but we encourage students to utilize the options available in the University Library. The University Library’s Computing webpage provides information on current computer availability, and also printer locations.

To locate the University Library, refer to the Campus Map.

Continuing Updates

For the most up-to-date information about the law library, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Farewell Urban Life Building

Today marks the last day in the Urban Life Building for the College of Law Library. Starting Monday, June 22, 2015, the Law Library will operate out of the top two floors of the new College of Law building. Here are a few images to remind everyone of our time in the Urban Life Building.

Urban Life Building

Urban Life Building


Urban Life Law Library, 1st Floor


Urban Life Law Library, 1st Floor

Urban Life Law Library Computer Lab

Former GSU Law Librarians

2009 Law Library Faculty & Staff

2009 Law Library Faculty & Staff

2012 KIC Scanner Delivery

2nd Floor Flood

2nd Floor Flood, Former Assoc. Dir. Ron Wheeler

GSU Law Week, April 2013

2013 Mario Kart Tournament

Current Law Librarians at the Reference Desk

Former Director Nancy Johnson and Dean Steve Kaminshine @ Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking Ceremony, Former Dir. Nancy Johnson & Dean Steve Kaminshine

New College of Law Building

New College of Law Building

One last stroll through the Law Library in the Urban Life Building



Successful Time Management = Law School Success

flickr photo by Leticia Chamorro

flickr photo by Leticia Chamorro

By Blake Williams

By now we all know that law school is time consuming, and we can also agree that it’s a full-time job.  Therefore, an important factor for law school success is the ability to manage your time wisely.   Time management is important not only because you must be able to manage your time effectively in order to get everything done in law school, but also because it can help you reduce stress and keep your priorities in focus.


Organization is the key to conquering law school.  Start by analyzing your study habits to determine what works best for you.  Next, acquire a planner that you will always keep with you.  Making and following a schedule is the most effective way to manage your time.  You should approach law school as a job with regular hours.   Set aside time for everything you need to do during the day: classes, work, and non-law school commitments.


Here are some tips that will help you take advantage of your time.  Remember, time management is a learned skill, and if you are on top of your time, you will be successful.

  1. Study in short segments
    • Don’t study for more than a three hour stretch.  Plan your breaks.
  2. Take study breaks
    • Schedule breaks instead of taking them every 15 minutes.  Treat yourself to a fun activity that is not law related when you complete a difficult assignment.
  3. Limit your distractions.
    • Turn off your wireless.  Find a study place free of distractions.
  4. Learn to say “No”
    • Don’t overload yourself with outside activities that will encroach on your study time.
  5. Study on the go
    • Make use of otherwise wasted time.  For instance, listen to study tapes when you’re driving, or study flash cards when you are in the doctor’s office.
  6. Be systematic with your review
    • Review cases before and after class.  Review your class notes daily or at least on a weekly basis.  These reviews will improve your retention and make exam preparation less stressful.
  7. Track your study time
    • Keep track of the amount of time you spend studying each subject.  This will help you estimate the amount of time it will take to complete future assignments, as well as help you create a more realistic schedule.
  8. Treat law school like a full-time job.
    1. Come to campus for class and stay on campus.  Study between your classes.  The more you complete during the day, the more free time you will have at night.
  9. Make sure to eat well and exercise
    • Retain your energy by eating well and exercising on a regular basis.  These activities will keep you focused and alert.
  10. Balance you time wisely
    • Law school requires sacrifice, but make sure to find time for some of the things you enjoy.  Make time in your schedule for family, friends, and other activities.  Balance helps you feel positive and remain productive.
  11. Get some sleep!
    • Make sure to insert sleep into your schedule.  Rest is important to your health and keeps your mind sharp.


Loving Day

On June 12, 1967, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Loving v. Virginia, which struck down Virginia’s ban on interracial marriages. At the time only 17 states, concentrated mostly in the South, still had anti-miscegenation laws on the books. After the decision those laws became unenforceable.

As with many important Supreme Court decisions, there are a number of resources available if you want more information about Loving v. Virginia. A few are listed below: