Relaxing Over Break

Law Library Leisure Collection

Finals are nearing their end. Three weeks of vacation stretch before you in glorious Technicolor. You find yourself thinking, “Gosh, what a perfect time this would be to catch up on the first seven seasons of Law & Order. If only I had access to them!”

Oh, but you do. The law library’s leisure collection not only has all the “ripped from the headlines” stories you might want, but it offers more TV shows like The West Wing as well as Legally Blonde, 12 Angry Men, Breaker Morant and other movies.

If you’re thinking more about curling up with a good book and some eggnog, we’ve got you covered too. Cozy mystery fans can work their way through Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who series. Maybe A Christmas Carol has put you in the mood for some Dickens. And there’s always John Grisham’s legal thrillers too.

The leisure collection offers a lot of selection. Whether you’re wanting a light mystery or a legal classic, swing by the 130s study rooms to check out some great holiday break choices.

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