CALI Lessons on the iPad

How many tiBlack Angry Birdmes have you caught yourself catapulting angry birds across your iPad thinking, “if only CALI lessons were not in flash and available for the iPad, I could be having just as much fun while learning secondary considerations used in assessing the nonobviousness requirement in patent law.”

Well that time is almost here.

Starting in the fall CALI lessons will be available to students with mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. The new viewer dubbed CALI 5 uses HTML and Jquery to bring their library of lessons to mobile devices. For more information visit the CALI website announcement.

Faculty can preview the iPad-iPhone compatible viewer over the summer. To learn more about the new viewer faculty can register for an upcoming webcast: New lesson viewer webcast on July 12.  Also faculty can view a CALI conference session on the CALI 5 viewer.

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