The Law Library: Quiet Once Again!

by Katie Ginnane

Noticed an increase in the background noise and chatter interfering with your long hours of study in the law library?  Well, we have got some great solutions for you to stop the insanity.

  • First, the law library has designated quiet areas with signs in the upper level on the left side of the library.  These are the spots to go if you really need complete silence to concentrate.  Anyone who chooses to study there should also be respectful of those around you and observe the quiet area.
  • Second, the reference desk has a bowl of earplugs available for students.  We will continue to stock the bowl through out the semester, so please feel free to grab a set.
  • Finally, the circulation desk has four signs available for three-hour windows that students can use.  The signs have two sides.  One side says “Go Away, I’m Studying” and the other side says “Do Not Disturb”.  These can be used by students who do not want their full concentration interrupted by others around the library.
Happy Studying!

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