New Law Librarian of Congress

David Moa was recently named the new Law Librarian of Congress.  Moa will be the 23rd Law Librarian of Congress, taking over from Roberta Shaffer.  His appointment to the position is effective as of January 4, 2012.

Prior to being appointed to this post, Moa served as the Deputy Law Librarian of Congress since June 2010.   Before his time at the Law Library, Moa held positions at Georgetown University and the international law firm Covington and Burling.

The Law Library of Congress was established by the U.S. Congress in 1832 in order to provide legislators with convenient access to reliable legal materials.  The Law Library’s current collection of over 2.65 million volumes of primary and secondary sources makes it the world’s largest law library.  Most law students are probably familiar with THOMAS, an online resource produced by the Law Library of Congress that allows users to research and track legislation in Congress.

If you would like to find out more information about David Moa and the Law Library of Congress, check out the following sources:


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