Start the Bidding!!!

We are a day away from the 20th Annual PILA Auction.  PILA, The Public Interest Law Association, is a law student organization that focuses on promoting public interest law.  PILA sponsors an auction every year to raise money to assist students who are working in an area of public interest during their summer internships.

Generally students, faculty, alumni, and other distinguished members of the legal community will attend and bid on items donated by the GSU Law Faculty and Staff.  Items can range from cooking lessons, dinner with a professor, or a weekend getaway.  This year the GSU Law Library has sponsored three auction items.  If you are still  undecided on what to bid on at the event, consider the three items below:

  1. Law Library Study Room:  Imagine it, your group’s very own study room for the rest of the Spring semester.  No waking up early to place a request online.  Forget about running from class to the Law Library to place a last minute reservation.  Now your group can mosey on in at any hour of the day (as long as the library is open) and plop down in your home away from home.  You still have to turn in the keys after each visit, but let’s be honest, they are safer with us.
  2. Lunch with the Law Librarians:   We are not talking PB&J.  Imagine if you will a nice, sophisticated lunch out on the town with your friends and your favorite Law Librarians.  Just think how productive you will be after sinking your teeth into a delicious, cooked to order to meal.  The sky is the limit, but remember we are state employees.  Spoiler Alert: Wraps and Pizza will not be on the menu.
  3. Ping Pong:  Dare to dream.  You and your friends vs. Law Librarians in a game of Ping Pong (or if you prefer, Table Tennis).  Recreate your favorite scenes from Forrest Gump or Balls of Fury.  Headbands are not required, but highly suggested.


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