Laptop Anchors Installed

In response to students’ requests the law library is in the process of installing laptop anchors on about half of its 113 student study carrels located throughout the law library’s lower and upper levels.

These laptop anchors –essentially a hook fastened to the study carrels with an industrial adhesive and screws– allow students to secure their laptops with a laptop cable. Most laptops offer a K-slot or other anti-theft system that allows a user to attach a security cable to the laptop and in turn secure it to an anchor. Check with your manufacturer for recommendations of security cables that are compatible with your laptop.

Librarians Williams and Brannon point out the selected laptop anchor

We found that there is no shortage of laptop anchor designs and options available. Consequently the law library looked to the students for direction in selecting the ones that would be ultimately installed.  Over spring exams (as part of the library’s coffee study break initiative which transforms the library conference room into a makeshift café offering free coffee to students studying for exams in the library) three laptop anchors were presented. Students were asked to vote on which anchor they would like to see installed in the law library. 92 votes were cast and the overwhelming preference with 57 votes was anchor option A (seen here with Librarians Austin Williams and Pam Brannon).

These laptop anchors will be installed over the summer and available by the start of the fall semester (if not sooner).

The law library does provide public services during regular university business hours (8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday). Members of the public are welcome in the law library at these times. The law library is committed to providing a safe and studious environment for members of the College of Law community as well as the general public. Students are reminded to take personal responsibility for protecting their property. While laptop anchors and security cables do create a deterrent to theft, it is strongly recommended that students never leave their laptops or other computing devices unattended—even if you are just getting a drink of water or running to the bathroom.

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