A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bar

By Stephen Adams, 2012 Library GRA

Students taking the bar exam.The law library is rather quiet today, because today is the first day of the two-day process that is the bar exam. All the folks that have been toiling away in the library with their BarBri and Kaplan materials are now taking what is quite possibly the biggest test of their lives. Three (or four, or five, if they’re part-time students) years of hard work boils down to two days of lengthy multiple choice questions and essay questions. To say that nerves are a bit frayed would be an understatement.

So let’s just make fun of the situation with cute jokes and take a bit of a mental vacation in honor of all those folks toiling away in a big, scary room.

–          Today, Tort Bunnies is continuing its last hurrah before the author ends the strip: a five-day story arc devoted to both the bar exam and world annihilation. Because let’s be honest: the bar exam is rather close to the end the world, isn’t it?

–          When in Law School has wished its readers good luck, but you’ll also want to check out their other bar exam-related posts to recreate the proper feelings attributable to the exam.

–          Above the Law’s contribution this year has been a little less than usual, but is still a gem: a student from Hastings rapping (not RAPping…Rule Against Perpetuities FTW) herself through some property concepts.

Good luck to all of those that are sweating bullets today and tomorrow!

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