Kudos to our STLA team

by Joe Brock

I think congratulations are in order for the GSU Student Trial Lawyers Association (STLA) team that placed second at the Lone Star Classic this year. Team members Lauren Smith, Joshua May, Alex Galvan, and Lynette Jimenez did an outstanding job in the competition that featured Baylor, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Cumberland, Denver, Emory, Faulkner, Florida Coastal, Fordham, Houston, Loyola of Los Angeles, Michigan State, South Texas, Stetson, and University of Texas.

As many of you law students have probably noticed, GSU boasts an impressive resume in trial advocacy, which is evidenced by the numerous awards that adorn the entry to our school. The coaches and members of the team Tom Jones, Paige Boorman, Joe Burford, Alison Burleson, Cheryl Champion-White, Rebecca Davis, Rudjard Hayes, Kristen Spires, and faculty advisor Professor Gable put in a great deal of time preparing for the competition. And while the accomplishment is certainly outstanding for the team members we should all be proud because GSU did a great job in front of some outstanding schools, including our in-state competitor, Emory.

So, if you see any of these folks around campus make sure to say congrats. They did a fantastic job representing all of us.

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