Fifty-Seventh Presidential Inauguration

barack-obama-inauguration-speechOn Monday, January 21, 2013 the nation will celebrate the Fifty-Seventh Presidential Inauguration.  For over 200 years the United States has celebrated the quadrennial swearing-in of the President and Vice President.  This year is significant because it is only the seventh time that the constitutionally mandated Inauguration date has fallen on a Sunday.

The 20th Amendment changed the inauguration date from March 4th to January 20th.  Generally, on years when January 20th falls on a Sunday, the White House holds a private ceremony on January 20th and then a public ceremony on Monday, January 21st.

Don’t worry if you are not making the trek up to Washington, D.C. this year to see the ceremony in person.   Several of the major networks will be providing live coverage on television and online streaming (Story:  How to watch Obama’s inauguration online).

For more information on the Fifty-Seventh Presidential Inauguration, check out the official Inauguration website.   For more general information, check out the following books located in the University and Law Libraries:

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