Thrift Shops

by Mark Stuckey

records by flickr user stevenmphoto

image by flickr user stevenmphoto

If you are like me, you are an over-worked, under-paid, stressed-out law student. This combo alone might be enough to drive even the most, dare I say, reasonable person crazy, but when you add the inescapable (believe me, I have tried) fact that I am living the life of a pauper to the jambalaya of my law school problems, it is enough to drive a man insane. To further exacerbate my issues, I love to shop. Boat shoes? I have 8 pairs. Ties? More than I care to count. You may ask, “How can you reconcile your overpowering desire to amass material possessions, and your equally robust preference to not live on the streets, avenues and boulevards of Atlanta?” Well my friend, I will tell you! For myself, and those similarly situated, I have found the solution to our woes, worries, and vexations in the form of thrift stores.

Thrift shops are perfect for law students on a budget. Where else can you get a camel hair jacket (circa 1986!), three dress shirts, and a monogrammed flask for sixteen big ones? I will admit that the shirts are all pink, and the initials on the flask were not my own, but c’mon, I know a deal when I see one. Apparently, I am not the only one; here is an entire subreddit of neat things found at thrift stores! The question is: what can you find?

Thrift shopping is not solely about the deals, but it is also about the thrill of the hunt. Much like the humpback in search of krill you have to be willing to sift through volumes of items to find something truly worthwhile. Some don’t have the patience or the will to thrift shop, and they will never know what I am talking about. You don’t have to be that guy (or girl)!

The main concern of a fledgling thrift shopper should be finding quality stores. Some stores are naturally better than others. Accordingly, you should do your research.  Here’s a pretty cool website that has a listing of a ton of stores in Atlanta. Go find your new favorite store!

A good staple for general items and clothing, and my personal favorite is Goodwill. You can find a Goodwill near you at this website. PRO TIP: Goodwill has a half off color of the week.

While I prefer to not be labeled a hipster, I must proudly proclaim that I was a thrift shopper well before it was cool. Macklemore has popularized thrift shopping with the youths with his catchy and aptly named melody, “Thrift Shop”.   I like to see thrift shopping glamorized… even if it means more competition for extraordinary finds.

You will never know what you cannot live without unless you look. So start searching!

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