Stuff You Can Make For Lunch Now

Image by Flickr user pinprick

Image by Flickr user pinprick

The law library recently installed a hot/cold water fountain near the Reference Desk. There has been much rejoicing about this. But besides now having ready access to tea, Earl Grey, hot whenever you want it, what other wonders can this fountain bring into your life?

Well, have you thought about all of the delicious gourmet filling lunches (and drinks) you can now make? Here are some options:

  • Ramen
  • Cup o Noodles
  • Instant mac & cheese
  • hot cider
  • instant oatmeal and grits*
  • hot chocolate
  • instant coffee**

Bon appetit!

* No self-respecting Southerner eats those though, right?

** Seriously?

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