The Right Study Space

study roomEven after you have registered for classes and picked up your books, you still have one more important selection to make – where will you study? Where you will study will have implications on how you do in your classes. While some of you may choose to study outside of the Law Library, I think the library has a couple of nice options for those who choose to spend your time in the library. Here are a couple of options you will have if you choose to study in the Law Library this coming semester.

The Study Carrel 

The tried and true friend of a law student. The study carrel has been around for generations. The perfect place to get “in the zone” and focus on your studies. For your convenience  each of the study carrels located in the library includes an electrical outlet and an network plugin. When it comes to studying, you can always count on old reliable.

The Small Table 

The small table is a great place to work if you like the size of the study carrel, but prefer to have more open space. The small table is also great for studying in small groups of two people.  But watch out, talk too loud and you may suffer the wrath of an angry 3L.

The Big Table 

The big tables are exclusive to the 2nd floor of the library, also known as the Quiet Zone. While we encourage students not to do group work at these tables, they are great if you really want to spread out or have a friend close by.

Soft Seating 

What it lacks in a place to lay your book on, it makes up for with pure comfort. The soft seating can be heaven on your back after a long class. A few of the chairs also have a small end table next to them, so don’t forget to bring that cup of coffee with you.

Study Rooms 

When you need to bounce topics of a friend, there is no better place than one of our 17 group study rooms. All of the study rooms include a whiteboard, and most of them also include a projector that you can hook your Laptop or iPad into. While you don’t need to whisper in these rooms, do remember that the walls are thin, so try to maintain a respectable volume. Study rooms are a hot commodity during the semester, so book in advance. You can book a study room a week in advance, at 3 hours per person, using the Study Room Reservation System.

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