Do This Now, So You Don’t Pay Later. Seriously.

by Nirvi Shah

Study_AidsA few weeks ago my friend, Joshua Kahn, posted “A Quick & Dirty Guide for 1Ls.”  Each of his points are accurate and helpful.  One topic in particular, however, I found most beneficial during my 1L year.  Practicing hypotheticals helps you score better on exams.  The more you practice, the better you do.

Buying study aids can get expensive, and Googling examples may take up too much time.  That is where the Law Library comes in.

The library has study aids.  Many, many, many study aids.  Multiple copies of some books.  While they are all on the shelves right now, they probably will not be around exam times.  That is when you will need them the most.  Why am I pushing you to use the study aids now, before you have even started outlining?

Most law students aren’t really sure about what is going on during their 1L year—especially when it comes to learning class materials and giving professors good answers on the exam.  (If you are one of the few who knows exactly what is going on, that’s awesome—good for you.)  Some professors may claim that students don’t need any study aids or supplements to do well in their class, but honestly, it can’t hurt.

This is why you should get up, walk to the “Law Student Study Aids” section, pick out a book that is written in a way you find easy to read and understand, and start skimming the relevant chapter.  If you don’t start now, you will not have time to search and scan appropriate examples, find the book when exams roll around, or you will have to come to terms with paying more money on books this semester just to use the study aids for a few weeks period, if even that.

Just remember, always put the study aids back in the area, where the sign says, “PUT STUDY AIDS HERE WHEN YOU’RE DONE.”

Good luck with 1L year!

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