Ace the Interview and Get a Job

Image by Flickr User Erin Webb, modified by Emily Williams

Image by Flickr user Erin Webb, modified by Emily Williams

With the big Career Fair coming up next week (Tuesday, July 29), I know many of you have interviews. Are you starting to get a little nervous but doing your best to ignore the jitters? Honestly, the best approach to the process is to not ignore the butterflies but control them. How do you do that? By tackling it head-on, taking the bull by the horns, showing those butterflies who’s boss…by preparing for the interview.

What can you do?

Several days before the interview, have your suit dry-cleaned, and start researching the firm. Find out who they are, what they do, and really dig deep to determine what it is they’ll expect of you in this position. Compile a list of questions to ask them.

Also, review questions that they may ask you during the interview. Think through your answers- every word you would use. Practice out loud. Practice again. Become so familiar with the questions AND your responses that your day-of-interview nerves won’t derail you.

Remember to pick up your suit from the dry cleaners.

The night before or day of the interview, be sure to have several copies of your resume printed out and ready to distribute at the meeting if necessary. Do what helps you relax and build your confidence- exercise, listen to music, play a video game. Remember to stay positive about yourself and your abilities. You made it / are making it through law school- you can do this!

Definitely, always, show up to the interview site early. Think 30 minutes early. Do NOT be late. Pad your schedule that day with time to travel to the site with plenty of room to spare to use the restroom, find the office, and read over your resume for that last reminder of your accomplishments.

Exude Confidence. If you’re prepared, this will be easier. The butterflies may still be there, but they are now somewhat under your control.

Here are some resources that will give you more detailed recommendations on questions to ask, how to answer their questions, and other related info.


Georgia State University, Law Career Services Website: (-GSU Law Students only).

Acing the Law Firm Interview:

How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews:


Georgia State University, Law Career Services Interview Handbook (2010):

Nail your law job interview : the essential guide to firm, clerkship, government, in-house, and lateral interviews By Natalie Prescott (2009):

Sweaty Palms : the neglectful art of being interviewed By H. Anthony Medley (2005):

The legal job interview : winning the law-related job in today’s market By Clifford R. Ennico (2008):

The insider’s guide to getting a big firm job : what every law student should know about interviewing By Erika M. Finn & Jessica T. Olmon (2009):


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