Pro Bono: Give Back before You Graduate

Image by flickr user networkosaka

Image by flickr user networkosaka

In honor of ABA’s Pro Bono week (Oct. 19-25), here is some information about the many opportunities in which you can gain hands-on experience helping your community while still in law school.

In order to help you gain real world experience prior to your swearing-in ceremony, GSU offers a number of clinics open to 2Ls and 3Ls. Many of these clinics will provide you an opportunity to work towards graduating with Highest Distinction through the Pro Bono Recognition Program.

Click on the links below for information about each clinic:

GSU Clinic and Experiential Opportunities Comparison Chart 2014

GSU Bankruptcy Assistance & Practice Program 2014

GSU Externship Program 2014

GSU Fundamentals of Law Practice 2014

GSU Health Legislation & Advocacy I & II 2014

GSU Health Law Partnership HeLP Clinic 2014

GSU Investor Advocacy Clinic 2014

GSU Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic 2014

GSU Capital Defender Clinic 2014

GSU Urban Fellows Program 2014

Links that may interest you:



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