On Your Radar


By Nirvi Shah

Here are a few suggestions of some of the things that should be on your radar as exams and winter break draw near.

For the scared 1Ls: Yes, your first exam period in law school is intimidating. Fortunately, everyone else in your class feels exactly the same way.   Here are my personal recommendations to help you better prepare for exams.

  • Blond’s Law Guides
    • These books include case clips, EasyFlow Charts, outlines, and mnemonics to help organize students’ notes and learn the information.
    • From my personal experience, the series covers most of the cases you study in class.
  • Examples & Explanations (E&E)
    • This series provides summaries of legal concepts, hypotheticals to practice each concept, and example answers to help students understand the content for which professors are looking.
  • GSU Law Library Exam Archive

For the overworked 2Ls: You’re over the first year hump, but many of you are now trying to fight off anxiety of finding an internship position for the summer. Here are some tools to help you throughout the job application process.

For the “bored” 3Ls: Due to the old law school adage, “in first year they scare you to death, in second year they work you to death, and in third year they bore you to death,” many 3Ls believed the third year would be their easiest year in law school. I know plenty of peers who disagree with that notion. While classes maybe easier to prepare for, there are many peripheral tasks to complete, specifically the bar exam application.

Good luck on exams and see you in the library!

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