Kwikboost Lockers

pl-GeorgiaStateLaw-Rend1.2By Zach Dalton

Georgia State Law School is introducing an exciting new service for students. Soon we will have 6 Kwikboost charging lockers installed throughout the law school. These charging lockers allow students to put their mobile device in one of the eight compartments per locker, set a combination, and leave their device plugged in and charging while they go about their busy lives.

The combination locks work similar to a valuables safe in a hotel. The user sets a one-time combination when they lock the door to the compartment and enter that combination when they come back to retrieve their item. The lock will reset between each user and are easy to program with a number combination.

The charging station is manufactured by the same company as the Westlaw charging station currently located on the 5th floor of the Law Library, so you know that it will work well. The lockers will charge students phones or tablets quickly and safely.

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