The Pets of GSU Law, Pt. 1

As you may have noticed, during finals, the library displays feature the pets of GSU Law. That way, although students cannot study in the library with Fido or Whiskers by their sides, they can at least derive some comfort and amusement from these visual representations of their pets. But these pictures are too adorable to keep within the library’s confines! There was no way for us to resist sharing a few of them with the world.

This is 2L Beth Goldstein’s Australian Cattle Dog, Hooch. He loves walks, walking, and going on walks.
This is 1L Jada Clayton Woods’ chocolate lab mix, Monroe. She’s a rescue, she’s very spoiled, and she enjoys dressing up in sweaters, jackets, and Halloween costumes.
From 1L Pricila Barravecchia: Catalina is a 1 L pup who loves walks before Foundations and long naps during Contracts. She hopes to find an internship with colleagues who will give her many pets and treats. Her area of interest is arbitration because she wants to help other pups negotiate for more play time and food.
This is 3L William Lyle’s American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix, Archie. He was adopted from Lifeline Animal Services in Decatur 3 years ago. He is a huge cuddler, loves to run and can chomp down a chicken wing in two bites.

So, please extend your heartfelt gratitude to your furry friends (and your friends’ furry friends) for their absolutely clutch exam assistance. Be on the look out for a sequel to this post featuring more of their adorable brethren. Until then, if you want to see more pets, you’ll have to make it in to the library. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out some of our amazing exam-related resources, like our study aid collections and the exam archive. Good luck!

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