Just Something We Are Working On

Posted on April 12, 2012 by


While I was walking through the library stacks yesterday I was thinking about the new building. I often think about the new building–specifically big beautiful windows.

Yesterday was a little different. I was thinking about flexible furniture. This was because a student had dragged a two-top study table to the comfortable seating located near the bathrooms. Now I do not know how they sat on those low seats (the comfortable seats, not the bathroom) and were able to work on anything. Nonetheless I was once again reminded that students are going to use/move furniture as they see fit. I used to fight it. In fact I used make the grain of all the tables run the same way, but I learned.  Students need to be able to create study space that works for them (assuming it is not disruptive to others).

This put me in mind of video I had seen. Some students took this idea to its natural conclusion when they designed these chairs. What I do not understand is how this technology has not been applied to rolling bookbags yet.

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