iPads and Apps

You may have heard the news that Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, has died.  Described as a visionary, he is credited with overseeing the creation of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Not surprisingly, the iPad (and iPhone, to some degree) holds a great deal of fascination for lawyers.  The American Law Institute and the American Bar Association have sponsored with the ABA Law Practice Management section several continuing education classes about lawyers and their iPads.   The classes addressed basic set up and use of an iPad for lawyers as well as how to use an iPad in a law practice.  One regularly offered class particularly addresses iPhone and iPad apps that are useful for lawyers.

Of course, the law library is also in on the game, and Austin Williams, one of our student services reference librarians, created a LibGuide that addresses in part apps that law students may find useful.  Check out the Life of a Law Student guide’s selection of apps.

If you want to read more about the iPad and the law, check out some blogs on the topic.  For example, you may want to read the Off Site LawTech Center, which has introductory info for those new to the iPad, as well as suggestions for law-related apps, such as one for tracking juries.  Blogs that might also be of interest include TabletLegal,TechnoEsqiPad Notebook, and iPhoneJD.

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