Getting to know Egypt

I am sure many of you have been tuned into the events going on in Egypt over the past several days.  Either by choice or because it has dominated nightly news, many Americans are getting their first real look inside Egypt.

Some may see the events as a true exercise of democracy.  People organizing in the streets, demanding more from their government.  For others, the events may be a little unnerving, especially for those who have family members living in Cairo.  Currently, an estimated 52,000 Americans are living in Egypt.

Whether your are for or against the actions of the protesters, these events do provide Americans with an opportunity to learn more about Egypt.

The College of Law Library has many resources dealing with Egypt and its legal system.  Here are a few suggestions for those interested in learning more:

There are also additional books and resources related to Egypt at the GSU Law Library & Main Library.

For those interested in the Egyptian Legal System, go to the following resources:

To get updates on news and events in Egypt, the library has electronic access to Daily News Egypt, Cairo.

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