Super Bowl and The Law

Super Bowl XLV (45) matched two storied franchises: The Green Bay Packers & The Pittsburgh Steelers.   NFC vs. AFC.  The Cheesehead hat vs. The Terrible Towel.  Terry Bradshaw vs. Brett Favre (oops, wrong decades…..).   Anyways, you get the picture, two epic teams battling it out to determine the 2010-2011 NFL Champion.

Although the game initially looked to be a blowout, fans were on the edge of their seats to the bitter end.  Those that stuck around after the halftime show saw a tremendous comeback on the part of the Pittsburgh Steelers that just came up short in the end.

It seems that all of America stands still for the 4 hours that the game is on every year.  Even those who generally do not watch football will stop and enjoy a few minutes here and there.  Those who are not particularly fans of the sport may tune in for the thrilling halftime shows or the often humorous commercials.

For those who like to find some legal aspects in the game, the Law Library has just the resources for you on the following topics:

Advertising Law:  Every year corporations spend millions of dollars for just 30 seconds of air time.  What are the legal aspects behind getting a commercial on the air?  Check out a few books the College of Law Library has on advertising law.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC):  Many people may not know the Federal Communications Commission off the top of their head.  Yet, they probably remember the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake incident at Super Bowl 38 and the letters FCC.  The FCC is the agency that regulates non-federal government use of radio, television, and other telecommunications.  Here are a few resources that the Law Library has on the FCC.

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA):  Although it was not blasted on the jumbotron Sunday night (which is almost as big as some stadiums), looming in the background of all the festivities was the CBA negotiations that will heat up now that the Super Bowl is over.  Some believe that the NFL might not have games next year because of the delay in the owners and the NFL Players’ Association agreeing on a new CBA.  Get to know more about CBAs with a few helpful resources in the Law Library.


These are just a few of the legal aspects dealing with the Super Bowl and the NFL.  For those who just need a little break from studying, here is a compilation of the Super Bowl commercials organized by quarters.

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