Charlie Sheen & Georgia Law

Unless you were trapped under a contracts book for the last 2 weeks, you have probably heard a little something about Charlie Sheen.  Along with Libya, gas prices, and March Madness, Sheen has been a hot topic on many media outlets, including talk radio, morning television, broadcast news, and late night talk shows.

Recent public appearances by Sheen have shown him to be the shadow of the figure he used to be.

In the 80’s he starred in “Platoon” and “Wallstreet,” both very popular and successful movies.  He revived his career on television with “Spin City,” and has dominated prime time television the past few years with his hit show “Two and a Half Men.”

Although many things have been going right for Sheen on-screen, his personal life has been anything but a fairytale.  Most recently Sheen was fired from “Two and a Half Men,” and his children were taken by police due to a restraining order issued by his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.  With all of the legal issues surrounding Sheen right now, he would appear to be the perfect hypothetical for a law school exam.

Here are a few legal issues surrounding Charlie Sheen and some helpful resources if an attorney was representing Sheen in Georgia:

  1. Child CustodyGeorgia divorce, alimony, and child custody by Dan E. McConaughey.
  2. ContractsGeorgia contracts: law and litigation by John Larkins
  3. TrademarkUnderstanding trademark law: a beginner’s guide by Linda Tancs (for Sheen’s “winning” phrase)

For those of you who are still easing back into books after spring break, you may enjoy being one of the millions of people following Sheen on Twitter.

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