Studying and Fun: Not Mutually Exclusive

We’ve entered the final stretch of exams, which means that you’re likely feeling at least a little bit fatigued. And while it’s important to stay the course and remain focused, an important part of studying, particularly for law school exams, is knowing when you need to take a break. You could always help yourself to one of the DVDs from our Leisure collection, but there are a few other ways you can take a break and still do some studying.

One way is to watch YouTube videos starring beloved childhood toys, such as Legos. For example, those of you still studying for Torts may find the Lego reenactment of Palsgraf to be helpful. If you’re studying for Evidence, though, we’ve heard that there may be some flaws in the Lego explanation of hearsay exceptions. (Hint: If there is a contradiction, it’s best to side with Prof. Milich on evidence law. He did help rewrite the Georgia evidence code, after all.)

Another option is to use the TV shows and movies you watch as hypotheticals. For example, you may want to use your break to watch Thor; afterward, you can visit Law and the Multiverse for an analysis of the legal issues in the movie, such as the interpretation of force majeure clauses and the important problem of supervillain insurance (or, more specifically, the lack thereof). If you’re catching up on the last few episodes of The Office, then check out That’s What She Said, where attorneys at Ford & Harrison total up the potential litigation value of each episode.

If you need a break from reading, try playing a game. Maybe one of the games designed by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; Do I Have a Right? lets you manage a civil rights firm, while Argument Wars lets you argue cases such as Gideon v. Wainwright, Snyder v. Phelps, and Brown v. Board of Education.

Finally, if all you really want is to find some peace and seek out the inner stillness of the law, try some Supreme Court haiku. Breathe deeply, sit quietly, and meditate on the Constitution – in seventeen syllable increments.

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