Great Stuff on the Law Library Website!

by Katie Ginnane

As some of you may or may not know, the law library webpage has a great collection of a variety of resources for students. Whether you are looking for a free resource for your summer internship or booking a study room, that law library tab on the GSU College of Law’s webpage yields some great resources to navigate your way through law school and after. Here are some of those resources outside of the wealth of databases listed at the top of the page.

Student Writing Competitions– this resource can provide you with a great opportunity to participate in the variety of writing competitions offered to law students throughout the year. Currently, competitions for March, April and June are listed. These include competitions from the Environmental Law Institute, the ABA section on Dispute Resolution and the ABA section on Criminal Justice.

Research Guides– this resource can provide you with a variety of tips and tricks to conducting research within specific fields of the law.  Not only are these guides a great way to get started, but they can also direct you to resources available through the main university library that may not be on the law library’s database list.  These guides also cover subjects such as Life as a Law Student and Bar Exam Resources.

Free Legal Research– another great resource for law students and practicing attorneys alike is the research guide focused on free legal research.  Free legal research becomes particularly useful outside of law school when LexisNexis and Westlaw are not longer provided though the law school.

Old Exams– this resource is particularly useful around exam time.  In case you run out hypos (or don’t like the ones you see).  The hypos on this page range from Administrative Law to Torts, and some even have sample answers.

Audio Case Files– this resource provides MP3 files of edited judicial opinions and a brief fact summary.  This way you can bring important cases with you anywhere you need them.

Finally, if you want more information, the law library hosts Library Abridged Workshops to update students on what is going on at the law library!  You can find the schedule and topics here.

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