Kick Back, Watch TV (We’re Here to Help)

Image by flickr user gbaku.

It’s fall TV season, and there’s a crop of new shows vying for your attention. There’s even another new show about a lawyer, Made in Jersey, on CBS. But what if the new shows all leave you feeling kind of flat? What do you do then?

Well, we’re here to help you out with that. In addition to the shows you’d expect us to have (Law & Order, Matlock, and Perry Mason, mainly), we also have full-season sets of shows you may not have expected from us – or even heard of. Try one of these out:

  • Drop Dead Diva – A model dies and winds up in the body of a plus-size attorney. And it turns out she’s pretty good – and funny.
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law – Fred Flintstone on trial for racketeering? Boo Boo Bear accused of being the UnaBooBoo? Harvey Birdman is who cartoon characters turn to when they need legal representation.
  • Arrest & Trial – Before there was Law & Order, there was Arrest & Trial. Same concept, but with a couple of twists: it takes place in L.A., and the “Order” part of the show focuses on the defense attorneys.
  • House – Yes, that House. In case you’re missing now that it’s off the air, we have it.
  • The Guardian – Before he was The Mentalist, Simon Baker was  The Guardian, a corporate attorney who works part time as a child advocate. A rare show that features children and family law issues.
  • Eli Stone – Jonny Lee Miller (now on Elementary as Sherlock Holmes) is Eli Stone, an attorney who has visions – or hallucinations, depending on who you ask.

All of these, and more, are available in our Leisure Collection!

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