I wish the new library had…

Unless you have been under a rock, or working tirelessly on Legal Bibliography assignments, you know that Georgia State Law is in the process of planning for a new building.  The Law Library will make up a significant portion of that new building.  The chance to design a new building does not happen often, so of course everyone had their “wants” as well as their “needs.”  To signal the end of Law Library week, here are a few items that some of the law librarians thought would be a good addition to the Law Library if they had it their way.  Keep in mind, many of these are over the top and inspired in part by Cornell Law Library’s Squash Court.

Nancy Johnson, Associate Dean for Library and Information Services and Professor of Law

Windows, terraces, and views!  Lucky for us, we will have all of these great features in the new Law Library.

Trina Holloway, Acquisitions/Serials Librarian

Because law school can be stressful, how about a hot tub and Legoland.

Austin Williams, Reference/Student Services Librarian

Who needs a squash court when you can have an indoor soccer field.  Anyone can have a coffee shop in the library, but nothing hits the spot after a long study session like some Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits.

Terrance Manion, Director of Information Technology and Librarian

How about a library hawk? Better yet, Supreme Court bobbleheads and  a pair of 300-thousand year old wooly mammoth tusks.

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