Post-Graduation Resources: Shepardizing for Free

by Joshua Kahn

As the third year law students get ready to graduate, we here at the GSU law library feel it is our duty to provide a little methadone to help you shake your snack-fueled Westlaw/LexisNexis addiction.

Verifying cases with a citator is critically important, and probably the single most important of West and Lexis’s services.  You can do without a lot of their other features, but this one is a must-have.

So did you know you can use LexisNexis Academic, which includes a scaled down, but still completely functional version of Shepard’s, for free in the Law Library after you graduate?

To get to it, come to the law library (to use either our public computers or to plug into our wired network), then go to the law library homepage, click the databases tab, show the LexisNexis databases, click on LexisNexis Academic, select the “US Legal” tab on the left, and you’ll see a link to Shepard’s.



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