by Mark Stuckey

Urban Life 1With the momentous ground breaking that took place on GSU’s new law building last Thursday, I wanted to take some time to reminisce about my favorite aspects of the current law school. Sure, the new building will be state of the art and sustainable, but I will undoubtedly miss the Urban Life Building, the place that has been much more of a home to me over the last arduous year than my dingy, dark Atlanta apartment. There are too many things to list, but here are some of my personal favorites ULB has to offer:

1. The Lack of Stairs

The designers of the Urban Life Building, like all self respecting Americans, had a robust disdain for aerobic activities. Hence the fact that the law school’s upper floors are only accessible via elevator. This revolutionary feature is exceedingly convenient when exiting a 6th floor lecture hall with 90 of your closest friends. Pro tip: There is a semi-secret staircase connecting the first and second floors by the career services office.

2. Weird Bathrooms

If you have not noticed go check out one of the numerous bathrooms that call the Urban Life Building their domicile. Not only is the decor cold war chic, but also the acoustics are redolent of Atlanta Symphony Hall. Additionally, the bathrooms in the Urban Life Building make it easier to get closer to your classmates (physically at least) when navigating their narrow thoroughfares. Pro tip: I am pretty sure the sixth floor men’s bathroom is haunted by a friendly ghost.

3. Intermittency of Cell Service

Probably the best features of the Urban Life Building are the random black holes that renders that device on which you play Candy Crush useless. This is especially helpful when you need a little extra motivation to pay attention in Civ Pro, or when you’re seeking isolation on the second floor of the library from you non law school friends (who will never understand what you’re going through).

There you have it, a short and rather incomplete list of the parts of the Urban Life Building I will miss the most. Luckily, there is still time to enjoy the idiosyncrasies. Comment below and tell me what you like about the Urban Life Building!

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