The Wayback Machine

image by flickr user mwphillips75

image by flickr user mwphillips75

I was eating lunch at Grindhouse Killer Burgers the other day, and they were showing an old movie adaptation of The Time Machine, which is a classic sci fi book about a man with, well, a time machine. In one sequence, the time traveler and his machine become encased in rock as they travel quickly through time but do not change location. Despite that rather horrifying possibility, I have to admit that I still think it would be cool to own a time machine. (Especially a TARDIS. But I digress.)

But how likely is that, right? Technology probably has a little way to go. Still, in the mean time, you can use a time machine-like website called The Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to look at a small portion of the past. The Wayback Machine allows you to type in a URL, click Take Me Back, and see what a website has looked at various stages in its history.

So, for example, typing in will show you that our website has been around since 1998. Here’s even what it looked like back then. And in 2005. And in … well, you get the point.

So where are you going to travel to?


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