Research Assistance

Library_CTR_CaricatureStudy rooms, laptop chargers, and free coffee – there is a lot to love about the Law Library. There is one more reason to love the Law Library…research assistance. Sure we have plenty of study aids and an abundance of comfortable seating, but one of our best services we provide to students is research assistance.

If you hit a bump in the road, or you don’t know where to start when working on a paper, why not stop by the Reference Desk. We can help you find that pesky source you have been trying to track down, or give you some tips on which sources will get you started down the research trail. If you can’t make it to school, try using our chat reference service (located on the homepage). If the desk is open, we can assist you in person or via chat. Remember to check the hours page to see when reference is open.

What if you need a little more in-depth assistance? No problem, just contact one of our reference librarians to set up a one-on-one meeting. If you send us the topic in advance of the meeting, we will have time to think about the sources available for your topic before you arrive.

In addition to personal assistance, don’t forget about our research guides. The Law Library has an ever expanding collection of research guides on a wide array of topics, including administrative, environmental, Georgia, intellectual property, sports, and tax. Each guide will provide you with links to primary and secondary sources on your topic.

So next time you scratch your head and wonder how you are going are to locate all of the materials you need, remember that we can help!

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