Listening to the Law (or Other Things)


Photo by Flickr user DennisSylvesterHurd.

By now you’ve probably seen a sign or a post somewhere, and you know that we have access to AudioCaseFiles so that you can listen to cases rather than reading them. But what if you want to listen to something else?

That’s where podcasts come in. And while there are a lot of podcasts out there (Stuff You Should Know and Pop Culture Happy Hour are my personal favorites), there are a number that are focused specifically on legal topics and are worth a listen.

For example, interested in what’s going on in the Supreme Court? Check out the PBS News Hour’s Supreme Court Watch or the Federalist Society’s SCOTUScast.

Other legally-related podcasts worth checking out include:

Finally, no discussion of law-related podcasts would be complete without a mention of Judge John Hodgman. Judge Hodgman hears disputes submitted for resolution in his court of Internet justice, which comes complete with a bailiff, occasional expert witnesses, and an opportunity for summary judgment.

Have a favorite podcast that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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