Make The Most of Your Journey Home

Flicker photo by pamhule

Flicker photo by pamhule

By Mark Stuckey

If you’re like me, and have quite a trek home after an arduous day at College of Law, you might just want to plug in your head phones and space out to some Devo, or whatever the kids are listening to these days, but you shouldn’t, because there are better ways to use your time on your commute home!

Read For Class

If you take MARTA, reading on the train can be a lifesaver. Using your time wisely on the train allows you to prepare for that cold-call tomorrow (well maybe), and frees up time at home for more worthwhile pursuits (like GTA 5). Pro tip: I have found that if you seem really engrossed with your case book and mutter to yourself a little, no one will sit next you… so there’s that.

Use Flashcards

Whether you make them yourself or sell your first born for some commercial ones, flash cards are extremely helpful when attempting to memorize important general terms, and elements. Plus, that guy who is looking over your shoulder on the train needs to know the elements of a prima facie negligence case. You can check out flash cards at the Circulation desk.

Also, there is a website called Quizlet where you can make flashcards and use them on the website or download an app and use them on the go. Find Quizlet here! Some law students have already made flash cards so if you are feeling lackadaisical, just use theirs. (if you trust them)

Listen to Sum and Substance Audio Recordings/Audio Case Files

Whether you’re on the train, in the car, or riding your bike, you can listen to top law professors who literally complied the casebook. Check out the sum and substance Audio Cd’s from the Circulation Desk put them on your Ipod and never look back. I especially enjoy these tapes, because it is like having a lecture on demand. See what subjects we have at the library here!

Every GSU Law student has access to Audio Case Files, which has edited audio versions of judicial opinions, as well as full opinions, fact summaries and all sorts of wonderful things to make your life easier. You can create a free account by using your GSU email address. Find out more information here.

Reflect on the Lecture

A gruff professor recommended this gem on one of the first days of my Contracts 1 class so there’s probably some merit to it. As I gather, the idea is to try to pull out the key points of the Lecture without looking at notes, and organize them in a way that make sense. Writing this down would probably be good, but a tape recorder might serve just as well.

There you have it, a few very obvious ways to get the most out of your commute home. Comment below if you have any other ways to study on the go!

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