Swimming in the Dark is Scary

by Nirvi Shah


Photo from the National Library of New Zealand’s photo commons

You’ve probably heard by now that “nothing is as terrifying as 1L first semester exams” or “you’ll never go through this feeling again.”  And for the most part, it is true.  It feels like you’re swimming in the dark and whatever flotation devices and tips that are given to you don’t exactly make sense and you can’t exactly grasp how to use the advice.  You are in the dark, after all.  Fortunately, however, once you’re done with exams this semester, you will know what to expect (for the most part) for the remainder of law school.  If you’re outlining, practicing hypos, reading through sample answers, and freaking out (just a little bit), you’re on the right track.  If you’re looking for a bit more guidance on that, try this helpful guide. And once you’re done with all of your exams, you have 25 entire days to not fret about your grades and just relax, sleep, eat, and spend time with everyone you said goodbye to on August 19, 2013—the day you were thrown into this whirlpool called Law School.

Just remember, you’ve made it this far.  There is only one more month left until you’re done with your first semester of law school.  You can do it–Good luck!

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