Using Films to Study


By Meghan Starr

With exams closing in, the stress levels are rising.  When you feel like you just can’t outline any more, but feel too guilty to watch your favorite show or pick up that romance novel, try watching one of the movies or TV series from our Law Leisure collection.  If you’ve had Professor Morrison’s evidence class, you already know that movies can be a fun way to work through the material.  (But don’t forget the outlines!  They really do help.)

If you want a little extra guidance, you can read Movie Therapy for Law Students while you watch. The book suggests different movies for each subject area, then provides “relevant statutory material, rules, case law, and other resources to guide you in thought process.”  You can find most of the movies right here in our library and check them out for a week.

Civil Procedure or Family Law?  Try Kramer vs. Kramer.  Contracts? Try Liar, Liar. Evidence, Constitutional Law or Criminal Law?  Try Young Mr. Lincoln.

Also, please remember that the upper floor of the library is reserved for quiet, individual study, and that ear plugs are available from the circulation desk.

Good luck!

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