Prepping for Finals

by Ryan Browne

image by Flickr user paige-pics

image by Flickr user paige-pics

Spring is fast approaching.  The Masters is right around the corner.  The entire city of Atlanta will turn yellow soon.  We can finally put away the winter coats and jackets and bring out the flip flops and shorts.  And best of all, it means that finals are almost here.

Okay, so maybe the last part isn’t so great.  But it is never too soon to start preparing for your finals.  And there are plenty of ways for law students to prepare.

The library has a wide variety of supplements and study aids to help you with your finals studying.  The Understanding series offers good explanations about many areas of law.  To test your knowledge of the a certain subject, the Examples and Explanations series and the Q and A series offer hypothetical and multiple choice questions on a wide variety of subjects.  Law in a Flash offers flash cards that quiz you on your chosen topic.

You can also check out the law library’s website to for old exams given by your professors.  You can also check with any student organization that you may be a member of and see if they have outlines from prior students that can be used in helping you put together your own outline.  Lastly, check with a Barbri or Kaplan representative about their outlines.  Putting a deposit down for their bar course usually gets you an outline in return.  They have 1L outlines as well as upper level course outlines.

So check out these different ways to prepare for you finals and then enjoy your summer knowing that you aced your finals.

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