Atlanta in the Spring

by Mark Stuckey

Atlanta image by Flickr user brokentaco

image by Flickr user brokentaco

​Alright, alright, spring break is officially over, and now we are on the all-too-familiar greased slope, slipping ever closer to the dreaded “F” word. Final Exams are only five and half short weeks away, but there is still time to have a (semi) normal life when you’re taking a break from cramming. I don’t know about you, but spring break left quite a bit to be desired; between the Education Law writings and the paucity that it my savings account, I was confined to my plebeian abode. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all a wash. I did get to hang out with my less-than-apathetic dog, catch up on my laundry, and binge on Netflix (Chuck). But, even with all of that excitement, fleeting visions of beaches, beverages, and relaxation lingered in the back of my mind. However, the good news for myself and those similarly situated is, I have scoured the Internet to bring you some ideas for (relatively) “cheap” activities to get you out and about in Atlanta this Spring, and attempt to make up for a lackluster spring break.

Atlantic Station Beer Carnival

On April 5th there will be a beer carnival at Atlantic Station. This event promises good times in the form of carnival games/rides and gourmet food trucks! And, possibly more importantly, the beer carnival offers an opportunity to sample of over 100 great beers. Tickets are a little steep, at around 50 bucks, but might be worth it to get some fresh air and a little sanity. Find all the rest of the relevant details here.

Sweetwater 420 Fest

This year the Sweetwater 420 Fest will be at Centennial Olympic Park, a change of venue from scenic Candler Park where it was held last year. Undesirable change of scenery aside, 420 Fest is always a good time. Whether you’re into running and want to participate in the 5K “beer run“, or you’re like the rest of us lazy Atlantans and just want to drink beer and listen to mediocre live music, there’s something for you. Coming from experience, 420 Fest is a lot of fun and a good way to forget your law school stresses … for a little while at least. For the website and more information click here.

High Museum

The High Museum, located in the Woodruff Arts Center, offers a less bacchanalian and more wallet-friendly option than the prior events, but is nonetheless a great outing. The High Museum is currently exhibiting “Go West“, an incredible collection of photography, painting, and sculpture of the American west. I was personally taken by the mastery of Bierstadt both times I saw this exhibit. Show your Panther ID and receive a generous student discount. Also, for those who live in Fulton County the first Saturday of the month (April 5th) is free for you (restrictions apply). Find out all there is to know about the High Museum here.

So there you have it, a rather incomplete list of activities to get you out of the house and law school off your mind this spring. I hope it helps! Comment below, and tell me what you’re doing in your free time this spring!


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