Study Room Booking Improvement

I am happy to share an improvement we have made to the law library study room booking system.

The actual process of making a reservation will be simpler. Simply select the start time for your reservation and use the drop down menu that will appear at the bottom of the screen to set the end time!

Screen capture of updated study room booking system.

We encourage you to try out the system and see for yourself just how easy it is to make your own booking. It will be faster for you, also, when you want to pick up your key.

Other policies remain the same:

The rooms are for two or more law students. Rooms can be checked out for up to 3 hours per day per Campus ID.

At least two members of the group must be present within the first 10 minutes of the reservation to check out the door key. A group that is more than 10 minutes late forfeits the reservation.

Reservations can be made in person or online up to one week in advance of the reservation date.

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