Meet Cierra A. Cooper

This is the continuation of an “in-depth” interview series with new librarians and staff at Georgia State University College of Law Library. See earlier installments here.

We introduce our new librarians and staff at Georgia State University College of Law Library with a questionnaire invented by Austin Williams, which is borrowed in spirit, if not in part, from Marcel Proust’s famous questionnaire.

CierraAustin (if he were still here): What is your name and what do you do?

Cierra: My name is Cierra Cooper. I’m a Library Associate I, and I oversee the circulation desk and fulfillment services at the law library.

A: How long have you been at Georgia State University College of Law Library? 

C: I have been at the Georgia State University College of Law Library Since July 2022. (Editor’s note: at the time of writing, this is around a single month, so be sure to welcome Cierra to the GSU Law community!)

A: What books are currently on your nightstand (or Kindle)?

C: The books currently on my nightstand are Cherish Farrah by Bethany Morrow and Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty. I’m really a fan of the Science fiction and Mystery/Suspense genres.

A: What is an interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?

C: An interesting fact about myself is that I have had blue hair for almost 3 years now. It has also been blonde, pink, orange, purple, a weird greenish color, and red. I think blue is my color, but I’m tempted to try ginger.

A: What is your favorite place in Atlanta (so far)?

C: My favorite place in Atlanta is IPIC Theatre. It is the best dine-in movie theatre that I have been to. The food is amazing and it’s a very comfortable experience. I haven’t been to another theatre since I found it.

A: When you are not saving the world here at GSU Law Library, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

C: Outside of work, I enjoy going to the movies, writing, reading, and trying new restaurants.

A: Lastly, what is your favorite vacation spot? The place you go to leave it all behind for a few days.

C: I don’t have a favorite vacation spot yet, but I think my favorite place that I have been to so far is Honduras. 

There you have it, folks. The complete, unedited, behind-the-scenes interview with Cierra A. Cooper.

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