New Food Policy

by flickr user _sk

Think back to your first week of law school. Do you remember the tour you had of the library? Yes? Good. And remember how you were told bringing food into the library was forbidden? It was sad, wasn’t it? Now think of all the times since then you’ve snuck food into the library inside your backpack and furtively gobbled a granola bar while reading your Con Law textbook. Good news! You don’t have to sneak it in anymore.

The law library recently changed its food policy. We realized a complete food ban can be difficult to follow. You can now freely eat items such as granola bars, carrot sticks, cookies and other snack/finger foods in the library. Does this mean it’s pizza party time in the study rooms though? Sorry. Smelly, greasy foods are still out, as well as other foods which might disrupt your fellow library users. You can read more about the new policy — and see some examples of acceptable and unacceptable foods — on the library’s new website.

The librarians and staff hope you enjoy your new-found freedom from food-related guilt. Don’t hesitate to let us know of any spills or messes you may need help with. A quick clean up will help us in continuing to allow food and drinks (in the acceptable containers, of course) in the library.

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