ALI Members at Georgia State Law

Do you know what the American Law Institute (ALI) is and better yet do you know whom on the Georgia State Law faculty are members?

First things first: as you remember from your first year legal bibliography class, the ALI is made up of 4000 lawyers, judges, and law professors of the highest qualifications.  Through a deliberative process (sometimes taking two decades), they draft and then publish restatements of law and principles of law.  Final versions of these resources can be found in hardcopy in the Law Library general collection (e.g. the Restatement of Law, Torts can be found among tort resources, KF1246-KF1327 and Restatement of Law, Contracts can be found among contract resources, KF801-KF839).  The final restatements can also be found on Westlaw. Their Restatement of Law, Torts database contains the complete text of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Restatements of Torts as well as some proposed and tentative drafts, while their Restatement of Law, Torts Archive database provides considerably more historical tentative drafts, proposed drafts, and draft-related documents from the ALI Reporter.

Georgia State Law is well represented in the institute.  The following faculty are members of the American Law Institute:

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