NY Times References GSU Law Review Article

by Katie Ginnane

In a story published September 19, 2011, the New York Times mentioned an article published in the Georgia State University Law Review. The story, concerning the recent Supreme Court Decision, Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission, discusses the requirement of disclosure outlined in Citizen’s United. It discusses some of the policy implications behind requiring disclosure of campaign contributions by elected officials. By requiring disclosure, voters may be able to make more informed decisions when casting their ballot. The more well known holding in Citizen’s allows unlimited campaign spending by corporations and unions.

The Georgia State Law Review article, written by Professor Torres-Spelliscy of Stetson University College of Law outlines the campaign periods from 2007-2010 and “the dramatic 180-degree turn that the law has taken” after the Supreme Court’s decision.
If you are interested in scholarly works published by Georgia State or other law professors, SSRN is a great site for access to working scholarly papers. You can access SSRN through the law library homepage, under legal indexes and databases.

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