Big Game Repeat

No, you are not experiencing déjà vu. Once again Eli Manning orchestrated a 4th quarter comeback to beat Tom Brady’s Patriots for the NFL Super Bowl Championship.  Manning also secured the Super Bowl MVP for the second time in his career.

Many people this week will be talking about the game, the legacy of certain players and coaches, and of course, their favorite commercials.  However, all of this may be overshadowed by yet another Super Bowl halftime show controversy.

While different from the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” from Super Bowl XXXVIII, which Patriots also played in, this year’s controversy centered around singer M.I.A. “flipping the bird” during the live broadcast.  While this might seem trivial to some, NBC and the NFL wasted no time issuing apologies for the gestures.  Although it’s unlikely that this incident will be met with the same scrutiny as the “wardrobe malfunction,” one can’t help but wonder what the possible repercussions might be.  It is worth noting that the previous incident was still being litigated until November of 2011, over 7 years after the fact.

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