The Georgia Legislature: Goings On Up the Hill

Photo by Wikipedia user connor.carey.

The Georgia General Assembly began its 40-day session on the second Monday in January, as specified by the Georgia Constitution. Today representatives from Georgia State University (including the College of Law) made a special trip to the Capitol to highlight our recent activities to legislators. In turn, we figured we’d show you how to follow what the legislators themselves are doing.

While the legislature is in session, both the House and the Senate provide live broadcasts from the floor. You can also view archived footage from House floor and committee meetings. Additionally, both the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Daily Report track what’s going on from day-to-day.

But what if you want to know about a piece of legislation that was discussed last session, or back in 2002? There’s help for you, too. All of the resources in the last paragraph are used by the members of the Georgia State University Law Review to help create the Peach Sheets. Law Review members follow the session as its going on, identify important pieces of legislation, and compile the information that they will use to write articles describing the legislative history of those laws. In addition to the Peach Sheets, the Mercer Law Review produces the Annual Survey of Georgia Law. Each article in the Annual Survey summarizes significant cases and legislation from the past year on a specific legal topic.

And, finally, you can always just go and visit – after all, the Capitol is just up the hill!

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