The State of Presidential Statements


Image Creative Commons licensed from Barack Obama’s Flickr account

Last night, President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address. Today, a transcript of that speech is available in the Congressional Record. Speeches made to a Joint Session of Congress are not the only presidential statements you can find on the Government Printing Office’s website, FDsys. The GPO website also hosts the Compilation of Presidential Documents collection. The Compilation used to be published once a week, but with President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, it became a daily publication. In this collection, you can find all kinds of documents, from the President’s Weekly Address to commemorative statements about historical acts or historical events to proclamations honoring national heroes.

You can access the Compilation of Presidential Documents going back to 1993 on the GPO website — and you may be interested to note that the first item available is actually a statement made by a press secretary, noting the US’s recognition of the new Czech and Slovak republics.

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