Alternative Desks


flicker photo by PureGeekery

A desk is where most people get their work done. A person’s desk is a mash-up of utility, comfort, and personality. The traditional desk has always been a table with a few drawers attached and a chair. While this has worked perfectly for people over the past few decades, we now live in a world where people like options. If you can customize the car you drive to work and the computer you use, why can’t you also customize your desk? For those of you who are looking for alternative types of desks, here are a few options that might interest you.

Standing Desk

The standing desk provides an alternative to those who jobs require them to be behind a desk for a majority of their workday. The standing desk helps combat the negative consequences from sitting all day long. Some standing desks can move up and down, allowing users to sit or stand.

Treadmill Desk

A close cousin to the standing desk is the treadmill desk. This works great for people who want to kick the chair to the curb and lose a few pounds. Don’t think you can run and type? Don’t worry, most people simply keep it set on a very slow walk.  If you get tired of walking, you can always stop the treadmill, and the desk turns into a regular standing desk.

Lap Desk

The lap desk has been on the market for years. As one of the most versatile desks, the lap desk can be used in a chair, on the couch, or in bed, as well as used as a tv tray, a laptop desk, or a simple writing desk. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in portability.

Laptop Desk Cart

The laptop desk cart provides users with a mobile cart and tray that they can place their laptops on. Several employ extra space for a mouse or a keyboard to optimize comfort and usability. Generally on wheels, these desks can be moved all over the room.

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