Meet Pam Brannon

55_555229288940_1029_nThis marks the second of a series of in-depth, exclusive interviews I am doing with the librarians and staff here at Georgia State University College of Law Library. I hope you enjoy!

Austin: What is your name and what do you do?

Pam: Pam Brannon, Faculty Services Librarian

A: How long have you been at Georgia State University College of Law Library?

P: First day here was June 5, 2007.

A: What books are currently on your night stand?

P: I am close to finishing Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, and I am also in the middle of Jingo by Terry Pratchett.

A: What is an interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?

P: I co-owned a record label and was a night manager at a liquor store. Maybe that’s two facts. At various times I have played up to six instruments, with varying degrees of proficiency. OK, now that’s three facts. My family has been living in Georgia since the 1700s, at least. Now that’s four facts.

A: When you are not saving the world here at GSU Law Library, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

P: Reading – a lot, playing trivia, occasionally petting my record collection, assorted geekery.

A: Lastly, what is your favorite vacation spot? The place you go to leave it all behind for a few days.

P: Behind the wheel of a car, driving somewhere. Preferably on a twisty road.

There you have it folks. The complete, unedited,  behind the scenes interview with Pam Brannon.

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