Is It Spring Break Yet?

by Ryan Browne

Photo by Flickr user aafromaa.

Photo by Flickr user aafromaa.

If the two snowstorms to hit Atlanta in the past month have made us realize anything, it is that spring break needs to get here as soon as possible. Luckily for us, spring break is right around the corner. Just three short weeks and all you will have to worry about is getting too much sun.

But if you are going on spring break, you have to be prepared. Make sure that you have most or all of these items to ensure that you have the most enjoyable spring break possible.

• Music – While the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand is nice, spring break wouldn’t be complete without your favorite tunes. Make sure that you hit iTunes to fill up your iPhone with your favorite music to play at the beach.
• Portable Speakers – Now that you have your music, you need a way to listen to it while you sit on the beach. Your old 80s boom box isn’t going to cut it anymore. Luckily for you, there are lots of speakers that hook up to your phone/iPod using Bluetooth. They come in a wide range of sizes and prices.
• Sunscreen – The sun is a silent killer, you guys.
• Beach Games – While it’s tempting, you can’t lay on the beach soaking up the sun all day. You have to stay active too. The beach is the perfect place for cornhole, bocce ball, ladder ball, whiffle ball, or to throw around the football or Frisbee.
• Books – Your spring break doesn’t have to be filled with constant activity. Few things are more relaxing than taking in the beautiful weather by the beach while reading a great book. If you need a recommendation for something to read, check out what your professors have suggested in the past.
• Beach chairs and coolers – You can’t enjoy the beach without a place to lounge, so make sure you bring a beach chair. (Probably not this one.) And make sure you have a cooler to wheel onto the sand to keep your, uh, sodas cold.

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